Sweater for Men

Looking for some additional comfort and warmth? In that case, an Airforce sweater for men is the perfect jumper for you! Our sweaters are made out of comfortable, yet sturdy fabrics. If you order one of our sweaters, you will receive a jumper you can wear to work, while relaxing or during your workout for years to come. This longevity is further enhanced by our designs, which always look contemporary and match all your other clothes.

A Highly Versatile Jumper

The word “sweater” is increasingly used to refer to all types of jumpers. However, at Airforce’s online store, a sweater is always a jumper without a hood. If a jumper does have a hood, we refer to it as a hoodie . Another key difference between our sweaters and hoodies is the fact that an Airforce sweater does not have a front pocket. Because of this, our men's sweaters have a somewhat more formal appearance than our hoodies for men . This basic design is the reason why our sweaters match other garments so well. They are available in various timeless designs and colours that go with nearly everything.

If the men’s summer jacket or men’s winter jacket you wear already has a hood, a sweater is an excellent choice. The hood that a hoodie has can feel a little uncomfortable underneath a jacket, so if your jacket already allows you to keep your head and neck warm, your jumper doesn’t necessarily have to. Sweaters are highly versatile items of clothing, because you can wear them year-round. They are perfect warm jumpers for the winter months, but on a somewhat chilly summer day, a sweater and a pair of shorts is the perfect lounge outfit.

Suited for Sports and Leisure

Many people consider sweaters to be less sporty in appearance than hoodies. In a way, that is peculiar, because sweaters were originally invented as sportswear. Before the invention of the sweater, all sportswear was made out of wool. That was not ideal, because wool has a tendency to chafe if it rubs the skin repeatedly. The American football player Benjamin Russell Jr. had enough and decided to look for a different solution. The fact that cotton had to be used instead of wool was clear immediately. The result was a thick cotton jumper that immediately became a massive success among athletes. After that, sweaters quickly became beloved as leisurewear as well.

If you are looking for a jumper to wear while running or exercising, a sweater is an excellent choice. The cotton is soft to the touch and will not chafe. However, it seems like the hoodie took over the sweater’s place as a sports jumper. Instead, many people wear sweaters to occasions that call for a sensible jumper these days. You can wear your sweater to work, for instance. Moreover, you can wear a sweater instead of a T-shirt to enjoy the comfort of your summer jacket for a few extra weeks if you don’t own a between-seasons jacket.

The Quality of Our Fabrics

Quality is of great importance to us at Airforce . If you wear a sweater or a difference piece of clothing from our online store, we want you to be able to wear it for as long as possible. That is an essential part of the reason why we chose plain designs, as those tend to remain modern for longer than busy designs with a lot of trendy details. The fabrics used to make our sweaters are of even greater importance. Whether or not you want to keep wearing a jumper largely depends on how the fabric feels to the skin. That is why we always strive to use the best available fabrics to make our clothing.

The most suitable fabric for a sweater is cotton. Cotton is soft to the touch, flexible and it doesn’t chafe. At the same time, it is sturdy enough to keep you warm for years to come. The cotton we use to make our jumpers isn’t just any cotton: most of our sweaters and hoodies for men are made out of biological or organic cotton. These fabrics are less harmful to the environment than regular cotton, as it is not allowed to use chemical pesticides and fertilisers while growing the plants for these fabrics. In addition, less water is consumed during the growth and production of biological cotton. These fabrics are the best option for your comfort and the future of the planet.

Sweaters for Boys of All Ages

Ordering Sweaters for Men Online

Airforce will help you get through the winter as comfortably as possible. All you need for that is a good jumper. But you can also wear our sweaters for men if you would like a little more warmth during the spring or summer. Our sweaters match our winter jackets, summer jackets, trousers and shorts for men. But if you already have the rest of your outfits for next season in your closet, an Airforce sweater will complement them perfectly. Most of our men’s sweaters are available in dark, neutral colours, but we always offer a few sweaters in brighter colours.

At our online store, you can find sweaters for men of all ages, as we also have a wide range of sweaters for boys . Most of these jumpers are smaller versions of our men’s sweaters. We take children’s fashion as seriously as fashion for adults. That means our boys’ sweaters are of the highest possible quality as well.